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Common Sense offers the best in safety tips and instructions, but here are some we have collected that could stand to be consulted once in a while to help make your game safer and more enjoyable and your spouse, folks and friends happy!!

  • Treat every gun as if it were loaded.
  • Never look down the barrel to see if your gun is loaded!
  • Keep the gun on safe until ready to shoot.
  • Always keep barrel plug in place when not on the playing field.

  • Never fire anything but approved paintballs thru your gun.
  • Never shoot a person who is not wearing proper protection and goggles.
  • Never point the gun at anything you don't wish to shoot.
  • Never shoot fragile objects such as windows.
  • Never shoot at unapproved objects that may leave unwanted stains, such as such as brick, stucco, and wood siding on houses and fences.

  • Always measure your gun's velocity before playing paintball.
  • Never use ammunition other than .68 caliber paintballs.
  • Never shoot at velocities in excess of 300 feet per second.
  • Never play with non-approved goggles or lenses with cracks.

  • Never remove your goggles while on the playing field.
  • Always wear eye, face, and ear protection designed specifically to stop paintballs.

  • Never leave your gun in the sun, remember CO2 expands when heated.
  • Store the gun unloaded and de-gassed in a locked place.
  • Always remove CO2 (gas) source before disassembly.
  • Follow warnings listed on gas source for handling and storage.

  • Always consult a certified airsmith or the manufacturer prior to attempting major repairs on your gun.
  • Any questions, call Great Lakes Paintball Field and Store @ (419)483-7800 , or e-mail the

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